Its crazy and funny how life works. The best people get hit with the worst of times. The genuine hearts are the first to be used and taken for granted, And, those with sincere intentions are pushed off as too good to be true. We are stuck in a game where winning get us nowhere.... Liars complaining that nobody is true.... And fakes people demanding loyalty. Everybody's asking for love but only few are walking in it. For me, the game got old and every thing is not new under the sun, If you think your own is worst wait till you hear someone else's story, and i refuse to cheat my future worrying about things i cant change from my past. And to me i think worry is a total waste of time. Its doesn't change anything. All it does is steal your joy and keeps you very busy doing nothing........ So today, in the present, i offer three promises. I will trust you until you show me that i cant. I will be as consistent as your efforts inspire me to be. And I'll honor your time with the same respect i give my own. No games. No gimmicks. No guile. If you can this i can build with you; if not, i have no time for you. I've been through to much to play same old games some people still keep playing, just to keep getting the same draining results. I want more cause I deserve more! And i am ready to give more to who ever deserve it. So i am holding out until i get it. Because the time i play, i am playing for keeps.


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